Cold and hot pies cryptowallets
pro et contra
Cryptocurrency transactions are impossible without personal control over coins, and to control your digital finances, you'll need a cryptocurrency wallet.
If you're just planning to get into cryptocurrency, one of the most important issues you need to address is the safe storage of your electronic funds. To do this, you will need a cryptocurrency wallet, which can be hot and cold. Investors often use both types of wallets for cryptocurrency transactions.
Hot Wallet is a type of cryptocurrency wallet that has constant connection to the internet. It can be mobile, desktop or can work directly from your browser. They allow you to instantly buy or sell coins and tokens without having to perform additional settings.
The entire The Open Network (TON) ecosystem has its own blockchain and is not supported by popular wallets such as Trust Wallet or Metamask.
Use the following wallets to store TON and altcoins in the TON network:
Ton Wallet
A cold wallet does not have a permanent connection to the internet. Connecting to the network only lasts a few seconds when making an immediate transaction. The currency is stored offline under the protection of a secure personal key.
TON blockchain supports cold wallets under the SafePal brand.
Advantages of wallets:
  • ability to create backups
  • maximum protection against hacking
  • suitable for storing large sums
  • easy to use
  • fast transactions
  • supports a large number of cryptocurrencies
If you're new to cryptocurrencies, we highly recommend using hot wallets, as they allow you to quickly control transactions and your own funds, as well as quickly master blockchain technology.