Decentralised stock exchanges
and what they're up to
A Decentralised Cryptocurrency Exchange (DEX) is a platform for buying and selling digital financial assets/cryptocurrencies which uses smart contract technology for user transactions. In fact, it is an intermediary platform for exchange of coins and tokens between interested customers, implementing the principle of peer-to-peer exchange (p2p).
The great flood of negativity around cryptocurrencies in 2022 has now subsided, but distrust of centralised exchanges persists (remember the FTX crash?).

New and experienced cryptocurrency users need reliable platforms to buy and sell digital coins, which is why DEX exchanges have become very popular.
DEX platforms are much easier to use than traditional exchanges. Centralised exchanges ask for identity verification (KYC), while DEX operates using blockchain addresses and non-custodial wallets connected to the app.
The main difference between a decentralised exchange and a centralised exchange is that the administration of the exchange has no access to your money and assets!
Centralized exchanges in turn have access to customer funds and, if necessary, can block an individual user, a specific transaction or an entire line of operations, such as the withdrawal of funds.
How do decentralised exchanges work? The algorithm is quite simple:
- A user places an order to buy or sell some volume of an asset for another.
- If a counter bid from another user (multiple users) is found, it is satisfied.
- Based on the concluded smart contracts, tokens or coins are transferred between wallets.

Keep in mind that anyone can add their token to DEX platforms, which increases the risk of fraud by unscrupulous creators. Trust only the coins that are on the platform's whitelist.
Lavandos token (LAVE) is white-listed and traded
on DeDust.IO and
Use DEX and follow the main rules when trading cryptocurrencies:
  • Never, under any circumstances, give your password and seed phrase for the crypto wallet.
  • Check the asset you are interested in for whitelisting.
  • Do not buy digital coins "off the hands", use only dedicated platforms.